About Halal Certified Food

According to Wikipedia, Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. The term is also used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law (Sharia, الشريعة الإسلامية).

This site is a repository of product listings that are Halal certified. It aims to provide updated information to folks interested in purchasing Halal certified products.

Links are provided directly to the company website for further information. To avoid confusion or misrepresentation, photos used in the product entries were from the respective company website and done with "fair use" intention. Should you want your product and company listing be removed, kindly contact Janette Toral.

If your company and product is Halal-certified, contact Janette Toral and give the following information:

Company name:
Your product:
Your website address:
Where and when was your Halal certification issued:

Upon verification, your product will be added in this blog. Due to volume of request, it may take some time to have all products be uploaded here.